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Men of the Military



70 min.


Antu Burghos, Daniel Trebol, Diego Cerrutti, Joris, Rick Lennon, Tommy Ameal, Vincent Landi


Men of the Military Gay Porn HD Free. Delves into military dreams. And is likely to transform any young lad into a wonderful young soldier. New recruits and other militia members must always be on their best behavior or suffer the repercussions of their conduct. Military men will have you bursting your nut faster than you can say “Oorah.” Sergeant Joris Leonard goes to check on cadet Vincent Landi and finds him still in his cot. With some used tissues beneath his blankets and his phone playing homosexual porn. Sergeant Leonard punishes Cadet Landi by totally hammering his hole. Knowing that pornography is not permitted on the base.
Cadet Daniel Trebol meets with Sergeant Rick. Lennon to inform him that he is leaving the army. The young Cadet thinks the military life isn’t for him. He doesn’t want to be discharged dishonorably. Sergeant Lennon believes he can help Cadet Trebol escape if he does whatever he asks. Beginning with sucking his cock. Cadet Tommy Ameal’s physical training is overseen by Sergeant Danieal Trebol. When his results are unsatisfactory, he must discipline the young soldier. Sergeant Trebol, after all, feels that discipline is the most effective motivator. As Sargent Trebol drills his hole with his massive cock, Tommy quickly realizes that punishments are quite personal here.
Sergeant Diego Cerrutti is showing soldier Antu Burghos how to fold his clothes properly. The young soldier is fast to pick up new skills and eager to satisfy his drill teacher. When the Sergeant is satisfied that this lesson has been learned, he determines that little Antu must learn another crucial lesson: how to keep this higher officer happy. Enjoy gay porn Men of the Military!

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