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Mens Briefs



130 min.


Adrian Hart, Cade Maddox, Colton Reece, Devin Franco, Eric Rey, Luke Truong, Reign, Shae Reynolds, Shane Cook, Tristan Hunter


Mens Briefs Download Porn Falcon on Presents captivating stories and sensual fantasies directed and starring today’s top performers. Straight from the brains and dreams of some of the finest fuckers the gay porn industry has ever seen. With the assistance of award-winning performer-turned-director Steve Cruz. A-list porn performers Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Leo Forte. And Boomer Banks direct their own original short stories in this film. Which was shot on location in the Big Apple and at The Q NYC. So, cover your face with these Mens Briefs. Lose yourself in the craziest dreams that your favorite porn actors have to give. Relieve some stress and relieve some load.
Devin Franco’s only knowledge about his anonymous partner is that. He has a large penis and wears a red hat. Thus, he jumps and begins berating his smooth ass right there in the club until he spots stranger Eric Rey sporting a bright red hat. Glow A-lister Cade Maddox is frequently spotted in Shae Reynolds’s dreams. So it comes as no surprise when the well-known muscular guy starts to invade his thoughts. And give rise to the most vivid and realistic fantasies the young man has ever had. Adrian Hart, a puppy dog, instantly dreams of turning from a good boy into a genuine boy and getting to take care. Reign’s curvaceous cock after learning that Reign is his ideal pet sitter gaypornmovies.
Colton Reece and Luke Truong engage in a bareback romp at a bar. While Tristan Hunter and Shane Cook realize they need only give each other gifts. Enjoy gay porn Mens Briefs! Gay porn categories: Feature / Parody, Interracial, Uniform.

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