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Mind Fuck



123 min.


Steven Lee, Arad Winwin, Andy Taylor, Adrian Hart, Colton Reece, Clark Davis, Cazden Hunter, Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox, Troy Accola


Mind Fuck, Falcon Studios Gay Porn HD – To fulfill the fantasies of Clark Davis’ twisted mind, these special, abandon all inhibitions, and violate each other’s bare cocks and raw holes. Fighting boyfriends Cade Maddox and Troy Accola find passion again in their relationship after a great grudge fuck, and Clark Davis helps his friend Nick Fitt with oral fixings, giving his thick dick to his starving friend and his raw bullets to give. Adrian Hart can’t take it anymore and finally gets up the courage to tell his best friend Colton Reese that he wants to ride his dick, and Colton is all over it. Nick Fitt’s Mind Fuck fantasy of random sex with a stranger comes true when he asks delivery man Steven Lee to join him.

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