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5 / 5. 1

Monsieur Sagat



126 min.


Francois Sagat, Max Adonis, Manuel Skye, Jake Bass, Damien Crosse


Monsieur Sagat Alter Sin Exclusive Gay HD Porn Free – Long considered one of the most popular gay adult entertainers on the planet, François Sagat is almost beyond description. Actor, artist, director, model, muse, musician, porn star. All of these aptly describe the man and yet they barely scratch the surface. Monsieur Sagat wants to bring you here. Sagat has teamed up with Max Adonis, Jake Bass, Damien Cross and Manuel Skye to create a film that combines highly personal interviews with scorching raw and intimate encounters, where the word iconic is eagerly discussed from the inside. Co-directed with the talented Alter Singh, who edited, produced and directed this exquisite film, and delivering a truly volatile, explosive creative final mindset, Mr. Sagat is an integral piece of the puzzle that makes up one of the world’s most fascinating gay characters.

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