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More Than Buddies



76 min.


Rami Ferris, David Hollister, Joel Tamir, Timmy Williams, Connor Davis, John Hardy


More Than Buddies Staxus Gay HD New Porn Movies Free – The latest release of the SauVage DVD More Than Buddies shows Joel rapidly putting his hands down Conor’s pants after showing him around, demonstrating that the Staxus boys are no longer just pals when they can’t keep their hands off one another. Once Rami and John arrive at the farm before everybody else and acquire their daily battering ram, they aren’t the only ones who are now more than buddies with Joel and Conor! Who knew you could be laid in a wheelbarrow? John acts quickly to get Rami’s meat shaft in his mouth, and soon they are having a great time.
With all the suspense up to this point, the following sequence with Timmy and David searching for Conor might have been the greatest on this DVD. Who would have known that these lads would soon be in a daisy chain where everything is on display? However, it appears that David and Conor want one other more. They quickly indulge in face-fucking, hole-cutting, and festival-fucking before becoming covered in hot cum, proving that their new strategy is superior to the original.

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