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Musky Muscles & Sports



78 min.


Jay Fox, Marty, Thomas Friedl, Ryan Cage, Jerome, Vito, Luke, Matthew


Musky Muscles & Sports Premium Gay HD Porn Free. Soccer players Luke and Vito decide to play with Vito’s balls. When Luke kicks his ball out of bounds. Luke goes over to lick the dominant top’s cleats after nibbling and sucking. Vito’s cock through his frail athletic shorts. Luk isn’t given an easy time by Vito. Who spanks and teases him with tastes of his hard cock before removing his tool from his. Shorts and making Luke suck it. Luke licks the top’s dick clean after. Vito bred his hole till he pulls out and cums. Vito then lets Luke smell his shoe. As the bottom jacks himself off.
Ryan Cage, a client of trainer Jerome. Has to be inspired to spar with him in the weight room. Ryan pins Jerome first, and after Ryan nuzzles his face against the strong trainer’s cock. Pins Jerome in a 69 position. Jerome instead trains Ryan’s ass. The naughty top holds Ryan in a headlock to smack his ass before fucking him doggystyle after. Ryan suckers Jerome’s cock and licks his balls. As Jerome digs deeper, Ryan makes an attempt. But as soon as the bottom cums, Jerome pulls out and jizzes him.
Burly Tomm is tough when he and Mathew return to the locker room after a grueling game on the ice. Tomm forces Mathew to deep-throat his hockey stick and lick his helmet, which is actually his helmet. The bulky man inserts his feet in Mathew’s mouth and grinds on the sweating twink! Mathew deepthroats his cock before Tomm pounds his ass doggystyle when he finally takes off his cup. Musky Muscles & Sports, groans as Tomm repeatedly slips his but into the goal before jizzing all over him. He scores when he shoots!

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