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My Kind Of Host



124 min.


Carter Woods, Quin Quire, Dalton Riley, Princeton Price, Trevor Laster


My Kind Of Host, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn – Senses a spark between him and Dalton Riley. He offers to move into his bedroom. Not wanting to disturb the rest of the party, Princeton gives Dalton a blowjob, then lays him on the floor and shows what a good host he is by shoving his penis deep inside Dalton’s hole. Trevor Luster had fantasized about many of his father’s colleagues but Carter Woods had been his last fantasy from day one and now he found himself walking with him, watching Carter suck him off and sit on him. All the guests may have left but for the host Carter Woods the party wasn’t over yet, at least not if the Queen’s Choir had anything to say about it. My Kind Of Host gay porn movie.

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