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No Tell Motel



120 min.


Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned, Devin Trez, August Alexander, Drew Sebastian, Brian Bonds, Kirk Cummings


No Tell Motel, Raging Stallion Gay HD Porn – The No Tell Motel is a small, unassuming motel located just off the highway between Los Angeles and Vegas. Twenty miles outside the city, this quiet motel is frequented by weary travelers and sexy men who want to meet where no one is looking. But little do they know. Someone is watching them! Join award-winning director Tony DiMarco and a group of horny bareback bullies looking to suck balls in the middle of nowhere. After a day on the road, Devin Trez contacts Brian Bonds to replicate his lair. In an unexpected mix-up, Dillon Diaz and Chris Damned find themselves in the same room, but both want to leave before they find out why.

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