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Not Thinking Straight



94 min.


Dante Colle, Justin Matthews, Johnny Hill, Anthony Moore, Roman Todd, Scott Finn, Jackson Cooper, Solomon Aspen


Not Thinking Straight Next Door Studios Gay Porn HD Free – With the dangers of chasing his blue ball and lack of relief. Anthony Moore is thinking wrong, which is great news for Justin Matthews. Anthony goes to give Justin’s sister a kick, but she has just left for class. Jackson Cooper’s patience is tested when he has to wait for a big package. Fortunately, courier Roman Todd is always quick to arrive and deliver the biggest package. Not Thinking Straight wanted to have sex towards the end of the night but couldn’t find the owner, but now that he has Johnny Hill cornered in the bathroom, it’s time to make his move. While roommate Dante Colle is on the phone with his girlfriend. Aspen takes the opportunity to pick on Dante. Dante’s friends are unaware of their special ‘neighborly arrangement’ and Aspen intends to keep it that way.

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