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Perfect Views



132 min.


Dante Colle, Carter Woods, Jamie Steel, Quin Quire, Spencer Laval, Mathias, Elye Black, Ryan Jordan


Perfect Views Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn Free Download – It all starts with a kiss, the soft caress of a lover’s lips, leading to stronger urges, acknowledging your passion and moving to indulge your fantasies. For Dante Corré and Carter Woods, this attraction is surpassed by the frenzy of bare skin and writing together while sweating on the couch. Matthias, soon to go to the police academy, is eager to show his partner Ryan Jordan everything he knows about controlling other men, and Ryan finds Matthias’ unwarranted use of force overtly sexual.
Perfect Views can’t believe this development, but soon Elye Steel’s rock-hard cock is swallowed before he flips her over and licks her hole with his tongue; Elye sucks Jamie, then gets on top of her and fucks her raw with his hard cock. Quin Quire may be the boss in the office, but in the bedroom Spencer Laval is fucking him from behind, pulling a gun on him and making Quin take his turn; Quin flips Spencer over, dry humping him, and Spencer blows himself up with lunch.

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