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Pleasure Giver



86 min.


Johnny Hazzard, Juan Peres, John Shield, Adam Dacre, Justin Harris, Drew Brody, Paddy O’Brian, Aaron Cage, Alessandro Del Toro


Pleasure Giver, Macho Mayhem Gay HD Porn Free – Led by England’s biggest star Paddy O’Brien, these incredibly horny animals have only one thing on their minds and believe me, it’s not soccer or sports cars! In fact, these gorgeous guys are literally horny and have nothing to satisfy their cravings except the taste and feel of hard cock and hot, wet male pussy. Luckily, there are more than enough dicks and asses to go around here. Pleasure Giver these muscular tattooed warriors walk the streets with each other like born sluts. The result is an endless stream of accumulated snot and literally everyone is ecstatic!

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