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Pleasure & Pain



138 min.


Donte Thick, Johnny Hill, Jamie Steel, Zachary Country, Dacotah Red, Hoss Kado, Connor Halsted, Dante Martin


Pleasure & Pain Next Door Studios Exclusive Free Gay Porn HD – Johnny readily accepts every inch of the couch as Connor fucks his ex, losing his cool as Connor pulls out and uses his seed to blast Johnny’s hole. Johnny inquires about his guy as he re-inserts his dick. Which boyfriend? Conor queries. As Jamie shoots himself in the near cumming area, Dakota fucks Jamie all over the bedroom, punching a hole with his raw cock. Dante seizes the initiative, climbs Hoss’ body, and places his cock in his mouth. As he does so, Hoss lets out a gasp and flings open his legs for Dante, who scoops him up in his mouth and chokes him to the ground. Dante makes a move, winning Zachary over to his side.
Donte takes his time, admiring his body, before giving him a thorough mouth massage on his cock because it is evident that he has never been with a man before. Pleasure & Pain Donte promptly pounces on Zachary’s rock-hard cock as a response, sets him up, and gives him a great stroll.

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