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Power Bottoms Manny



91 min.


Broderick (Sean Cody), Murray (Sean Cody), Jack (Sean Cody), Diego Daniels, Landon (Sean Cody)


Power Bottoms Manny Sean Cody Newest Gay HD Porn Free – Handsome Landon is back to stick his big dick in Manny’s hungry hole!” I’ve been traveling everywhere, everywhere really, and it’s good to be back with Sean Cody. We missed you too, Landon! Manny couldn’t wait to jump on the bones of one of our most missed models. Landon was excited to try out this new guy!” “You know your way around here.” Manny went even deeper. Around the block, around the hips. There’s no difference! It’s all the same.” Manny’s eyes lit up. He was especially giddy when he saw Landon’s package! Power Bottoms Manny these two studs really liked each other and the sex certainly reflected that! Landon gave Manny what he wanted: a good stroke from his big cock and a hot bullet deep in his ass!

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