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Random Fucks



129 min.


Alfonso Osnaya, Cade Jaxon, Cade Maddox, Drew Sebastian, Grant Ducati, Masyn Thorne, Reign, Roman Todd


Random Fucks Gay MP4 porn movies download HD free. If you haven’t clicked over to read all the bareback tales on Drew Sebastian’s ‘Random Fucks’ blog. You haven’t seen any real smut or read about the world’s raunchiest hookups. This film, directed by the acclaimed Trenton Ducati. Depicts the anonymous sex exploits of seven men. Who are willing to fuck any random guy in any random place that’s open to them. Masyn Thorne is searching for cruising rooms and dick at an all-you-can-wear resort. At that point, the jock finds Grant Ducati. Goes into his room, and drills his smooth spot. Reign chooses to kill time by stuffing his curving cock into. Grant Ducati’s mouth and hole while they wait for their laundry to be done.
Alfonso Osnaya is showing Cade Maddox around a new home. But the promiscuous buyer appears more intrigued by the realtor’s personal space. Alfonso Osnaya later goes to borrow a power drill from blue-collar hunk Roman Todd. Only to have the handyman’s throbbing tool take care of him instead. Cade Jaxon discovers the ferocious hard-on stuffed in Roman Todd’s waistband while working out in the back. Roman Todd, not one to keep his manhood hidden from an inquisitive friend. Allows his new friend to grab and even taste the exposed meat. An anonymous hookup is the best, so prepare to smolder along with hung daddy Drew Sebastian as he takes you through the greatest and most outrageous “Random Fucks” he’s ever given out.

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