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Raw Tales



74 min.


Ricky Larkin, Eli Hunter, Sean Duran, Spencer Whitman, Pheonix Fellington, Eddie Danger, Brian Michaels, Darin Silvers


Raw Tales, Gay HD Porn Free – As soon as spa attendant Paul Cannon sees the big bulge on Curtis Wolfe’s exercise belt outside the sauna, he has to keep looking. Paul’s eyes widen when he sees Curtis undressing and stroking his thick penis, and when he starts to play with himself on the job, his client catches him! Curtis invites Paul to join him in the sauna so the guys can take turns sucking cock and after penetrating his employee’s ass with a gun, he tells Paul to fuck him in the missionary position, JJ Knight and Michael Boston have barely let go of their towels when they start having fun in the sauna, Raw Tales off JJ’s big dick! As he does so, he doesn’t even notice Alex Mekum looking out the window.

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