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Ready to Play 5



78 min.


Bastian Karim, Bruono Lyon, Dani Robles, Diego Reyes, Drew Dixon, Logan Moore, Rocky Vallarta, Xavi Garcia


Ready to Play 5 Gay Porn Movies MenAtPlay for If school costs are paid in full up front. A teacher will give you a discount. What happens when the new guy meets the envious ex? A client looking for a new home theater system will not accept no for an answer. An employee who worships a corporate executive has complete influence over him. In Men at Play’s Ready to Play 5, these men work hard and play even harder.
Dani Robles, a clean-shaven professor. Works at an audiovisual design school. Where Xavi Garcia stops in for information for his son. Following a tour of the institution, the two men meet in a conference room to negotiate admittance terms. Which include a discount with full upfront payment. Xavi, on the other hand, isn’t swayed by the cheap offer. But his noticeably stiff cock tells Dani just what he’s after.
Logan Moore walks in as Bruno Max is at home watching TV. Also Bruno’s new partner’s ex-boyfriend. Logan has gone over to hunt for something, but instead he meets the Spanish stud. Who has taken his place. After introducing himself, he starts asking Bruno personal questions that take him to where he wants to go. Logan begins to kiss, rim, suck, and fuck Bruno, claiming that his spouse will not be jealous. Bruno, who is enjoying the play session, wants his time on top. And a flip-flop fuck session starts, culminating in a messy come eruption. Enjoy gay top porn Ready to Play 5.

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