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5 / 5. 1

Reap & Sow



84 min.


Pavel Masters, Kieran Karlsson, David Hollister, Joel Tamir, Timmy Williams, Johnny Walsh, John Hardy


Reap & Sow Staxus Gay Porn Free – In Staxus RAW’s latest movie Reap & Sow, the kids make the most of nature’s bounty! First up are Hans and Joel! Naturally, Hans is busy filling his hole while clinging to a tree and ends up giving Joel a fiery look!In the second scene, naughty Timmy and David are busy playing in the water, but soon the game changes and Timmy gets wet in the water with his pants down to his knees and kisses David! Timmy goes crazy for David and after sucking David’s cock, he rides David, waiting for the hard action to come.
In the final scene of this great Felix DVD, Joni entertains Felix’s hole with a carrot and Joni takes five for the day! Felix’s hole now open, it’s no surprise that Joni will soon come squealing in! And the grand finale is ready for action as John and Paul get their vegetables ready for market as soon as the boss leaves! Paul quickly gets up and gets a taste of John’s cock and soon the pair are in a 69 pose, Paul licking John and sliding his cock straight in and finally giving John a hot look!

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