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4 / 5. 1

Return to Staxus International College 2



140 min.


Angel Black, Craig Kennedy, Danny Delano, Erik Devil, Galiel Swan, Nathan Luna, Sam Acevado, Trent Benz


Return to Staxus International College 2 Gay DVD Porn. One semester at this fantastic institution of study was never going to be enough. And to prove it, the likes of Galiel Swan, Angel Black, and Craig Kennedy have convened for another outstanding. Session of carnal instruction in Return to Staxus International College 2. A work that they approach with the same zeal that they demonstrated in term one. As always, there’s a dark aspect to this fantastic trip. But it only helps to heighten the sexual tension. Which is abundant right from the start.
Suffice to say, those thick, meaty uncut members are quickly attracting full attention. From these horned up beauties. With a torrent of bottled up spunk being spewed in all directions long before the much-needed grades are disclosed.

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