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Rough Fucks



48 min.


Unknow person


Rough Fucks, Guys In Sweatpants Gay HD – Judah fucks Vincent roughly: this movie is especially hot because it has a bottom who loves to be fucked and roughed up, and a top who loves to rough up and roughly fuck the bottom. Judah begins by being gentle with Vincent’s hole, kissing, sucking, licking, and practically shoving his face into it. Then the real fun begins! Judas fucks him face up, ass up, doggy style, on his back. Judas then throttles him in all kinds of positions face up, ass up, doggy style, on his back. He even slaps him to see who’s in charge. Vincent is submissive and loves every second of the process. Judas busts his load on Vincent’s perfect bubble butt. Vincent bursts into his own abs and Judas feeds him every drop of it! Diego, Rough Fucked: Here’s newcomer Tony Shore. Tony is 6’3? with a 180 lb. ass and cock.

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