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133 min.


Zod Blakk, Cole Connor, Chad Hammer, Isaac X, Chris Damned, Vander Pulaski, Killian Knox, Max Konnor, Sean Maygers


Scrum Raging Stallion Gay Porn Movies Download – Rugby players “SCRUM” when they pack up and are squeezed together in an effort to obtain possession of the ball. In the most recent episode of hardcore bareback, these rugged and sweaty studs from the Raging Stallions rugby team ‘SCRUM’ for balls, work well as a team, and score frequently. As director Tony Dimarco instructs a team of nine muscular, athletic worms to channel their competitive intensity into sizzling, sexy action, be ready for some intense locker room action, sway on the straps, and a muscular, raw release. Following the game, Chad Hammer and Killian Knox begin to become hot and sweaty before Cole joins the unwashed group.
Max Connor tilts Isaac X and increases his hole after taking a shower. Sean Meigers and Eman Zod’s altercation during the game spills over into the locker room, leaving Eman’s hole wide open. Due to Vander Pulaski’s need for attention for his body, he switches sides with Killian Knox. Sean Majors’ rough locker room positioning causes Chris Damn to expand his tight hole. Grab your dick, join the “SCRUM,” and aim for the hole.

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