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Sex Instructor



120 min.


Justin Matthews, Johnny B, David Skylar, Michael Jackman, Zion Nicholas, Leeroy Jones, Jake Porter, Princeton Price


Sex Instructor Next Door Studios Newest Gay Porn Movies – Although it’s a relatively tranquil town, Captain Zion Nicholas and his officers try to keep the time busy despite having a duty to protect the populace and respect the law. The Captain’s preferred officer is Princeton Price. Perhaps it is because he is the most inventive at “filling” his time, or perhaps it is because he lulls Zion to sleep in secret and permits him to stoop over the desk. Jake Porter’s married existence prevents him from living out his gay dreams as much as he would like, but after taking one glance at handyman Leeroy Jones, Jake starts to feel uncomfortable and decides to indulge in his strong urge.
Sex Instructor David Skylar’s sexual prowess is evaluated by Michael Jackman, and things don’t go well at first. Michael is shocked by how much still has to be done to improve after David exhibits his typical behavior. Justin Matthews is in the garage repairing the quad when all of a sudden he is trapped below. Thankfully, Johnny B stopped over to visit him, but that doesn’t make Justin’s release any easier.

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