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85 min.


Tyler Scott, Shovi Khal, Jim Bridges, Kieran Karlsson, Rodion Taxa, David Hollister, Nick Fox


Sightseeing gay porn download Staxus for Another fantastic film from Staxus, Sightseeing. The lads trying out some massive dicks after seeing some sites. First of all, Nick feels quite fortunate to have shown Hans about Prague on his first visit. However, during one of those downtime moments. Hans can’t resist kissing Nick, so Nick takes him home to show him what’s truly great in the city! When the boys return from their day out in the second scene. David knows exactly what he wants to do! Definitely a plan that won’t let you down! David is on his knees sucking Shovi’s cock soon after the two boys sit down on the sofa. And Shovi quickly rims David’s delicious hole in preparation for what’s to come!
In the scene before the finale. Tyler comes home from holiday and tells Jim that his feet hurt. Jim gives him a massage, but Tyler has a surprise for his friend! He doesn’t hold back, and it’s no surprise that Tyler takes his time sucking the boy’s cock before inviting Jim to roll over and suck his sweet hole. Tyler only does this for the pleasure of rimming, though. Because as soon as he’s finished he lies on his back with his ass up. Waiting for Jim to give him a good fuck! Gay top porn Sightseeing!
The atmosphere is further enhanced by the change in position. As Rodion is now on top of Nick, massaging his cocks together as they kiss. The same time jerking both cocks to give Nick a hint of what he’s going to do next! Nick is face deep in Rodion’s ass, rimming his hole after Rodion swallows his cock, anticipating what’s to come! Gay Porn Movie Belongs To Such Categories: Bareback, Twinks

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