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Slap My Ass



73 min.


Anthony Evans, Dustin Cooper, Dustin Fitch, Evan Stone, Jasper Robinson, Jayson Steel, Jeremy Sanders, Kyler Moss, Robbie Anthony


Slap My Ass Download Gay Porn. Some guys want a little kink in their action, so to speak. To offer a little more “bang for their buck.” When it comes to the kind of wanton suck-and-fuck-fest that wet dreams are made of. The people at Bare Twinks seem to fully understand this fact. With stars like Jasper Robinson, Kyler Moss, and Jayson Steel, they’ll take you on a storming sexual ride that will have you reaching for the tissues in Slap My Ass.
These males are quite attractive, and it won’t take long for them to seize the opportunity to grind and paddle their way to the next overwhelming feeling. All of which quickly culminates in a merciless, searing shower of cum.

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