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Slopes and Sex



67 min.


Braxton Cruz, Jake Preston, Malik Delgaty, Troye Dean


Slopes and Sex Gay Porn Free. A beautiful day in the mountains is interrupted. When Malik Delgaty’s fiancée gets a furious call. Accusing him of fucking Troye Dean in some photos! While Malik attempts to contain the damage. Jake Preston acknowledges that he sent the images out of jealousy because Malik was having fun. Nevertheless, noticed Jake enjoying himself in the hot tub with Braxton Cruz. Troye licks it while Braxton jerks Jake off, demanding a closer look at his massive dick. Troye is spit-roasted by Jake and Braxton. Who then lift him off the ground while Braxton fucks the bottom. After that, Troye gets to top Jake while Braxton gets rimmed. Troye rides Jake till he arrives, then puts the other guys’ loads on his face as both twinks suck Braxton’s huge cock. Enjoy Slopes and Sex!

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