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Social Dickstancing



123 min.


Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Markus Kage, Chris Damned, Joey Mills, Archie, Tannor Reed, Devin Trez, Jeremy London, Jason Vario, Adrian Hart, Shane Amari


Social Dickstancing Premium Gay Porn Movies Free. A lifelike, jiggling dildo mounted on a poster of a naked man is unlike any other hand sanitizer dispenser Adrian Hart has ever seen! After fiddling with it for a while, he takes off the dildo. Stands behind the poster so that his own cock can fit through the opening. Janitor Joey Mills protects the eager man’s secret while stroking. He licking his cock until his face is coated in jizz while another patient is unable to make Adrian’s dick spray. Adrian nibbles the janitor’s twink’s ass as Joey is nude. Fingering the hole before squeezing his large dick inside. Before receiving a heavy mish hammering that soon has him spraying the slick liquid. Joey rides Adrian on the desk.
Thanksgiving dinner is about to begin when Dante Colle asks Archie to hide. He may make a video chat to his boyfriend Chris Damned. Pierce Paris is sucking Chris’s dick while Chris is on his knees. But Dante is oblivious to this as he converses with his buddy. While Chris leans Pierce over the kitchen island and fumbles with his hole. Archie eagerly strokes Dante’s dick and then gets his cock out and rubs it over Dante’s arm. Both guys silence the connection to fuck their respective bottoms. Chris hears Archie sucking Dante’s cock and Dante hears Pierce groaning.
Social Dickstancing rushes to put on his boxers and a shirt as he searches for his laptop since he is running late for a crucial video meeting. As Jeremy attempts to utilize the vibrator that is on the table as a mouse by turning on the vibrations with his phone, his lover Markus Kage chuckles. The naughty top crouches beneath the table, rips a hole in his man’s drawers.

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