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Spanking 74



63 min.


David Swanson, Craig Keller, Luce Fair


Spanking 74 William Higgins Gay Porn Movies Free – Dave Swanson is bound, muzzled, and wearing a blindfold. When his tormentor shows up and starts to feel his lovely physique, he is likewise on his knees and has his exposed ass in a swaying strap-on. He spreads his cheeks wide before hard-spanking Dave’s ass with his hands. As Dave was being paddled on his ass, he also yanked at his hair. His butt cheeks opened up to expose a well opened hole. As hard hands press into Dave’s ass cheeks, he writhes. His cock is also released as his balls are pushed out from between his legs. He then returns and spanks his cheeks. The riding crop is used, and the ass is rubbed.

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