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Special Bonding with My Stepdad



81 min.


Alonzo Diaz, Christian Ace, Jake Morgan, Matt Stevens, Thor Buckner, Tony Salas, Troy Hardt


Special Bonding with My Stepdad Download Gay Porn. Tony Salas’s stepfather, Jake Morgan, offers to assist him in honing his massage techniques. The two attractive men engage in anal intercourse as the massage rapidly heats up. Christian Ace is a medical student who is focused on passing his forthcoming practical exam. All he needs is a volunteer to go through the prostate exam procedure. Fortunately, Alonzo Diaz, his attractive stepdad, is eager for him to have his first encounter. However, Christian’s stepfather becomes a little giddy as soon as he touches Alonzo’s hairy assholes. Christian will undoubtedly receive a “A” on this test. In the changing room, Matt Stevens fucks Troy Hardt, his stepson. Thor Buckner and Christian Ace working out for steamy sex. Savor Special Bonding with My Stepdad. This movie belongs to the following gay porn categories: Daddies, Hairy Gay Men, Massage, Medicine Porn, Uniform.

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