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4 / 5. 1

Special Treat



85 min.


Alessandro Katz, Gabriel Angel, Jackson Reed, Parker Allen, Mickey Taylor, Johnny Castle, Deacon Hunter, Edwin Sykes


Special Treat Gay HD Porn. No one loves a Special Treat more than the lustful males in this sweltering Hot Twinks release. Which has a plethora of young ladies who are all fired up about cock. And really not much more, it must be mentioned. The only thing these stunning. Angelic whores could possibly desire is the delicious feeling of having their tight little boy-pussies dick up. Before long, Gabriel Angel, Edwin Sykes. And the rest will be savoring every hard inch that the studio executives have planned for them. Furthermore, they don’t hesitate to hit or beat someone. They quickly start doing so without even looking for a condom. Which soon amounts to a flurry of whimsy for everyone to enjoy! Gay porn movie includes the following porn categories: Bareback, Bathroom / Toilete, Massage, Twinks.

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