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Sports and Boys



81 min.


Benjamin Blue, Cristiano, Dale, Deacon (Sean Cody), Leo Louis, Phillipe Massa, Ryan Bailey, Travis Connor


Sports and Boys Gay Porn Free. While jogging, Christiano notices Leo Louis bouncing a basketball in his driveway. And his dick bouncing in his shorts. Rubbing up against Christiano’s ass and getting a feel when he goes for the dunk. The blonde stud asks him to play. After Leo rips off the curly hair, he leads him out to the garden. Where Christiano licks him and stoop to retrieve that massive dick. After Leo slams the tight hole in the missionary. Christiano rides the top and gives himself a three-point facial. Hunks with lots of muscle Because Dale and Johnny Donovan are such fierce rivals. There’s only one way for them to lose at the net: dishonest play!
Johnny has to forfeit when he hits a volley to the balls. Dale leads him inside to get some ice, but it’s obvious that Johnny’s cock is still in excellent working order. When you see Dale’s booty hunched over the refrigerator. When Johnny shocks Dale by boning against the refrigerator. Dale uses his lips to examine Johnny’s balls and shaft in great detail to make sure he’s okay. After the football game. Towel boy Ryan Bailey shows the muscular sensation Travis Connor around the locker area and offers to help him dry off! Travis is prepared to suck Ryan’s cock and rim the bottom, but not until Ryan sucks his.
Blue-eyed Benjamin Blue joins musclebound bodybuilder Phillipe Massa in the locker room as he takes off his exercise clothes and wipes the perspiration off his sculpted chest. Benjamin indulges his need to touch Phillipe’s massive muscles as he watches the top examining him. Benjamin silently caresses Phillipe’s chest, pulls out his massive cock, and sucks it! After fucking the bottom doggystyle, Phillipe uses a piledriver on the ground. Enjoy Sports and Boys!

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