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Str8 Chaser 19



87 min.


Jax Thirio, Bama Romello, Cody Smith, Jalif, Ian Levine, Seamus O’Reilly, Brian Adams, Shawn Andrews


Str8 Chaser 19, Reality Dudes Gay HD Porn – My favorite nymphomaniac Jasmine came up with a new idea to find horny men: Jack Shack. Namely, massage parlors. Jasmine noticed that Bama, a tall black man, appeared and pulled her into Str8 Chaser’s van, promising her a happier ending than the shop could offer if she followed his bizarre instructions, which started with blindfolding Str8 Chaser – Str8 Chaser 19: We loaded up the Str8 Chaser van with good girls Laura James and Seamus O’Reilly who were keen to find sexy male flesh and get into mischief, and while Seamus was hiding, Laura brought some impressive specimens. Brian is a little hesitant at first and Laura has to show him her tits to get him in the van, but he’s ready and willing to be blindfolded for a blowjob.

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