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Sucked Off In Weird Places



66 min.


Johnny Hazzard, Sam Truitt, Brett Bradley, Jason Phoenix, Tony Orion, Trenton Ducati, Mario Costa, Lex Sabre


Sucked Off In Weird Places, All Worlds Video Gay Porn Movies Free – These two superstars must be seen swallowing each other’s dicks and assholes to appreciate the chemistry between them. Johnny can’t get enough of Jason’s huge, cut pieces and their thick, juicy contents. Johnny Hazard’s fans will eat every drop of it! Rex Sabre will have the opportunity to eat Trenton Ducati’s massive muscles and Trenton will have the opportunity to swallow Rex’s legendary Latin stubble. Watching the muscular Ducati man tossing, flipping and sucking Lex upside down while holding him over his head is truly shocking and horny! Leatherworks is a place where you get excited as soon as you enter. What’s going on with tricorn costume designer Mario Costa, Brett Bradley and Sam Truitt? You’ll get hungry as soon as rookie Sam starts drooling on the steak in the pipe.

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