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5 / 5. 1

Summer Break



84 min.


Felix Jakes, Daniel Karrington, Adam Harper, Nick Fox, Timmy Williams, Danny Jones, John Hardy


Summer Break Sauvage Gay HD New Porn Movies Free – The boys’ summer is just getting started, and since Daniel is now at his remote vacation home, his only pastime will be studying. However, when the gardeners arrive, Nick and Danny go inside to check out the new guy, and Danny makes the first move Daniel will recognize while holding a beer! After kissing and quickly stripping off their clothes, Danny suctions Nick’s dick while Nick lies on his back as they continue to kiss! We are all aware of what comes next! Fair enough, Daniel’s summer home has a beautiful outlook! Particularly from Adam, who is currently sucking Timmy by the lake.
The lads are soon covered up, and Daniel, who was initially staring out the window, gets one heck of a show with John teasing Felix on his lap! Naturally, Felix quickly covers John to get him ready for what comes next! Summer Break festival is just getting started as these boys get nude and enjoy each other’s bodies, and even though Daniel may be occupied when Danny comes, Danny is all too aware that Daniel can fit in his hole. The apple will arrive very soon!

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