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Surrender to Deviance



72 min.


Dato Foland, Alejandro Mango, Leo Domenico, Xavi Tralla, Goran, Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse, Anonymous


Surrender to Deviance Gay Porn Movies Free Stag Homme for gay This movie will entice you, overpower you. And make you immediately adopt its guiding principle. Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho, the producers of Stag Homme. Stand by their promise to have the naughtiest reality porn and demonstrate it with their cocks. Surrender to Deviance, always filming males with vicious, insatiable sex desires. Their one-line philosophy when they started the entire company. Damien and Francesco set the bar high. Leaving no stone unturned in their quest of and delivery of satisfaction. They don’t care if anyone is watching (they might even prefer it that way).
Damien and rising sensation Dato Foland first give in to their instant urge to fuck by breaking through a door and starting things off. Surrender to Deviance uses a no-strings-attached blow to persuade two unnamed straight guys to submit in separate situations. This is the most anonymous form of sex there is. Beautiful Goran and Xavi give in to the moment while enjoying nature. Xavi gives up his virgin ass in the woods by a bubbling brook. Leo Domenico intends to relax in a rooftop hot tub while taking in the sunshine and a private wank. Francesco D’Macho demands a change of course when he emerges from the depths. Be who you are, lustful. heed your arousal needs. Enjoy pure, shameless horniness and give in to deviation. Enjoy gay porn download dult movies free.

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