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Suspended & Helpless



69 min.


Koby Lewis, Michael Wyatt, Johannes Lars, Jonah Opry, Titus Snow, Tyler Jenkins, Skyler Dallon, Mickey Taylor, Sebastian Kane, Ashton Bradley


Suspended & Helpless, BoyNapped Gay HD Porn Free – Dangled from the rafters by ropes, the children cannot escape because the ropes burn their skin. Their naked bodies are exposed to the subtle and delicious whims of their lecherous masters who kidnap them. They soon realize that the struggle is only uncomfortable and that their masters don’t mind playing with their assholes and mouth-fucking their slobbering cocks to make things easier. The boys may want their freedom, but they can’t deny the pleasure they get when their hands caress the cane and their tongues stroke the wet tip. With whips, toys, ice and melted wax, the suspended captives are forced to endure. Whether it’s a cock in their ass or incredible edges, they are nothing but swingers. Suspended & Helpless.

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