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Teach Me How to Fuck



67 min.


Ferdinand, Joris, Horatio, Daryl, Andres, Drake, Axel, Rod


Teach Me How Fuck – Bareback Me Daddy – This dad and son collection includes four hardcore scenes featuring mature dads enjoying the feel of a slim, smooth boy in their arms. Cock sucking turns into bareback fucking before each one reaches a climax. Lots of breeding, facials and cum-splattered cunts, so grab this hot compilation and enjoy all the guy-and-boy action it has to offer. Papa Andres is horny and young Axel wants to please. Eventually the boy takes the mature man’s big cock and sucks it until they are naked. Then Daddy gives his boy a good ass lick before replacing his tongue with a hard cock and fucking that young ass doggy bareback. The two fuck across the bed until Axl cums with his legs in the air. Andres continues to spank the lean and smooth boy until his holes drip daddy seed. Teach Me How Fuck

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