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The Best of Sean Duran



79 min.


Dalton Pierce, Roman Chase, Fernando Del Rio, Sean Duran, Leo Forte


Best of Sean Duran, SkynMen Gay porn – Handsome men in all kinds of macho action. These cocky guys are all business when it comes to excitement. These guys love sex, and they love kissing, biting, and the pure passion that comes when two ultra-masculine specimens come together. Nakedness is part of the game, and they can’t wait to satisfy their sexual hunger with a thick penis down their throats, a hard hand spreading their ass cheeks, and a finger or two in their moist holes. But when they tire of the foreplay, they happily plunge their meat sticks into their asses, while the lovers rise up to give them a thrust with equal vigor. You’ll love this nearly two hours of macho action! Best of Sean Duran

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