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The Watcher



66 min.


Michael DelRay, Wesley Woods, Zane Williams, Kaleb Stryker


The Watcher, Gay HD Porn Free – Caleb Stryker’s relationship with sexy gay Wesley Woods is going so well that he doesn’t have time to sit around and listen to his roommate, Zane Williams, complain about how hard it is for normal people to get sex! He leads Wesley straight to the bedroom and starts undressing him, licking the tattooed man’s nipples and sucking his big cock. Wesley wants to play with Caleb’s hole and eat Caleb’s ass good, his hot ass wants his dick, Wesley worries that he’s too hard when he slaps Caleb’s ass, but Caleb leaves the door open before he jumps on Wesley’s dick, Zane wants to hear it. He doesn’t realize Zane has walked in and masturbates to his roommate fucking him. The Watcher.

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