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Tight Warm and Ready



92 min.


Allen King, Bruno Galvez, Dario Leon, Derek Kage, Kosta Viking, Papixtrong, Ridick, Rudy Gram, Tomas Brand


Tight Warm and Ready gay porn download Lucas Entertainment for gay top net. You don’t want to waste time when you have boys ready to go. Who are as gorgeous as the Lucas Men. Why? because they’re ready, warm, and tight at all times! Derek Kage and Kosta Viking give Ridick a hard time in the mouth and ass. Serving the masculine requirements of Tomas Brand. The King of All Muscle Daddies, are Rudy Gram and Papixtrong. Dario Leon and Bruno Galvez slug Allen King’s kid pussy. And back for an incredible second round of flip fucking are both Rudy Gram and Ridick! Ridick. Handsome and toned man, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Derek Kage and Kosta Viking. Who arrive with a large basket of sex toys. They’re ready for invasive procedures in Ridick’s ass. And Ridick is happy to cater to their needs.
Three powerful men, Papixtrong, Rudy Gram, and Tomas Brand, engage in sexual intimacy before their physical examination. Bruno Galvez keeps a secret from his girlfriend, enjoying spending time with her and occasionally slipping in her ass. When she’s away, he goes to the back patio with friends Dario Leon and Allen King. Ridick returns to entertain Rudy Gram, a muscular and versatile man who loves to give and take care of him. They engage in anal toy action, proving their mutual love for each other. Ridick’s attention is focused on serving Rudy’s needs, showcasing his versatility and beauty. Enjoy gaypornmovies Tight Warm and Ready. HD gay porn download categories: Bareback, Brazilian / Latin. Hairy Gay Men, Outdoors / Public Sex, Threesomes.

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