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Tom of Finland



122 min.


Unknow person


Tom of Finland Gay Porn Download Free – Tom, the erotic illustrator from Finland, is the man who changed the trajectory of homosexual fantasy forever. His influence on the aesthetics of gay sex is still felt now and will probably continue. For the first time, has collaborated with Tom from Finland and some of today’s most talented artists and filmmakers to bring Tom’s most memorable sexual ideas to reality. Theo Brady, a birdwatcher, is caught in front of fisherman Curtis Wolfe in the first section of TOF’s classic 1957 outdoor drama, and sees Curtis succumb to muscular policeman Matthew Camp before partaking in a threesome.
Part 2 sees Matthew Camp, Ricky Roman, River Wilson, and D’Angelo Jackson get lubed up to bring to life Tom’s favorite comic story about the “Service Station” chuckle. 3 tells the sensual story of a young guy’s sexual transition into a leather man, earning each piece of his wardrobe one fuck at a time, as told by Nate Grimes, Curtis Wolfe, Dirk Kaber, and Jax Thanatos. Part 4 is a modern tribute to Tom’s legacy, as Joey Mills and his four favorite twinks explore Tom’s sexual playground, embodying the gay scene’s growth.

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