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Top Training Eli and Marcus



81 min.


Austin Young, Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Eli Bennet, Lance Charger, Marcus Ryan, Myles Landon


Top Training Eli and Marcus Gay Porn Free. Coach’s world falls apart when he finds his top athletes. Eli and Marcus, sharing a kiss in the locker room. He can’t help but be captivated to these adorable. And self-assured twink jocks as he tries to keep his cool. In this sensual story of forbidden love and lust in Top Training Eli and Marcus. Coach must balance his desires with the duties of the game.
A great array of meaty bottoms is sliced through by these well-hung, arrogant twinks. A few of the coach DILFs who are taken advantage of by these jocks include Myles Landon, Bishop Angus, and Lance Charger. Nevertheless, Austin Young and Cole Blue also join in on gang banging large macho bottoms, so Eli and Marcus aren’t the only dominant twinks around. Enjoy porn DVD.

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