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Twinks Have No Rules



124 min.


Adam, Alessandro Katz, Andy Scott, Camil Chaton, Chad Johnstone, Clayton, Jackson, Janusz Gol, Jed, Kris Blent, Mike King, Simon Caress, Tommy Benson, Tyler Bolt


Twinks Have No Rules gay porn download on . There are two types of people. Those who believe that regulations are meant to keep everyone safe. And those who believe that rules exist just to prevent people from having fun. No prizes for guessing which camp the hot twinks in this high-octane adventure belong to. Lads like Andy Scott, Tommy Benson, and the ultimate rule-breaker, Kris Blent, who can’t wait to test the boundaries of acceptable behavior. But, with this type of cock on offer, who can blame them? Why, these males are literally like whores on fire from the start, with holes swiftly ringed and packed for your amusement. All finished off with a tidal wave of baby-batter over their innocent cheeks. Enjoy gay porn movie Twinks Have No Rules!

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