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Twinks of 2024



67 min.


Adam Keller, Col Raider, Danny Collins, Evan Novak, Junior Jones, Liam Rose, Roman Capellini, Scott Smith, Sebastian Jed


The Twinks of 2024 are waiting for you here. However, don’t feel guilty if you keep them waiting. They’ll find someone or something to do, I’m sure. Even if Roman Capellini wasn’t searching for a passionate and romantic threesome with Evan Novak and Liam Rose, it was nonetheless likely to come his way. It’s simple to keep your gorgeous twinkling buddy satisfied when you’re willing to go above and above. Danny Collins understood just what his friend needed when Junior Jones requested a massage.
It’s one thing to have the entire house to oneself. Another is sleeping on your parent’s bed with your hot twinkling teammate. Adam Keller and Scott Smith both do both. Before your sexy twink jock crush offers to give you a mouth massage, you have no idea what you are missing. Col Raider and Sebastian Jed will confirm this. Twinks of 2024 is a great way to start the year gay porn DVD.

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