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We’re Just Dirty



82 min.


Pigboy, Zack Todd, Ian Samson, Reed, Will Sims, Calvin Banks, Brad Fitt, Johny Cruz, Dick Casey, Andy Roos, Mike Gate, Owen, Zak Hood


We’re Just Dirty, Twink Deluxe Gay Porn – Who wants a clean boy when you can enjoy a dirty boy? In fact, a really filthy one! Such a person would think nothing of enjoying every cock they can get their hands on and would love nothing more than to take it in the ass as often as possible. Brad Fitt, Johnny Cruz, and Will Sims lead a bunch of cock-hungry misfits on one filthy, ball-busting adventure after another. We’re Just Dirty porn movies. Make no mistake, these young men do not believe in moderation when it comes to enjoying cock. And you, too, will be sucking and fucking like a beast, then spraying copious amounts of juice in all directions in this five-star-winning production!

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