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5 / 5. 1

Wyoming Getaway



195 min.


Jack, Dillan (Sean Cody), Derick (Sean Cody), Malcolm (Sean Cody), Deacon (Sean Cody), Lane (Sean Cody), Asher (Sean Cody)


Wyoming Getaway, Sean Cody Gay HD Porn Free – Wyoming has it all – beautiful scenery, fresh air and hot guys making love outside! We were lucky enough to get some snow on the first day of this vacation, so Malcolm and Dean were happy to have some fun. A little cold never stopped these two stilettos from getting what they wanted! Our loving couple returned and Deryk stopped by to enjoy the gorgeous Wyoming scenery and their tight butts! Wyoming Getaway in the hot tub on a cold day is definitely a good idea to relax and warm up, but Derik, Deacon and Asher wasted no time doing the most fun thing: A threesome with three hot guys in the hot tub?

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