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Yes Father 1: Sins of the Flesh



88 min.


Dakota, Carter, Marcus Atlas and other.


Yes Father 1: Sins of the Flesh, Bareback Network Gay HD Porn Free – For Catholic men, nothing is more important than pleasing their fathers. For gay priests, nothing is more gratifying than hearing their sons say, “Yes, Daddy.” When Father Fiore is finally alone with Mason, he is convinced he has found the perfect disciple, but he needs to know something important. Can Mason keep this secret? Marcus can’t tell anyone about his feelings for the boys, but he realizes that Father Oakes understands and even encourages him. Gallo’s father chooses Dakota as an altar. He knew what a difficult path the boy had been through and how grateful he would be for such an honor. Carter is repeatedly seduced by lust and this time Father Oakes helps the man with his insatiable craving for a hard cock! Yes Father 1 gay porn movie download free HD.

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