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Boyfriends IRL



58 min.


Sam Truitt, Trent Ferris, Tyler Morgan, Kip Ryker


Boyfriends IRL gay porn download Guys In Sweatpants on gay top net. We chose to get to know real-life boyfriends Kip Ryker. And Tyler Morgan (and watch them fuck) when they came down to spend the weekend with us. They may be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen because of their endearing tales. Playful horseplay, and intense genuine sex. They both fucked each other all over the bed. Demonstrating their preference for the “spit and stick” form of sex. At the conclusion, Tyler pumps his own load deep inside his partner after fucking the shit out of Kip. Then, like a good boyfriend. Tyler used his tongue to remove Kip’s sperm from him for Boyfriends IRL.
Then, among the most sexually active boyfriends I’ve ever known are definitely Trent and Sam. They were cruising about in their underwear within twenty minutes of our meeting at the hotel (not that I was objecting). It started when I saw Trent jerking off to a video. They had taken of them fucking on his phone. One of the sexiest fucks I’ve ever seen was the outcome of my telling them to simply go for it. Despite his innocent appearance, Sam showed his true colors. When he used his enormous cock to strangle and face-fuck Trent. Trent pounced on Sam’s enormous piece of steak, showing no signs of hesitation. As it came to a finish, Sam shoved his cock back inside Trent just to be safe. Trent was covered in both loads. Time for a shower followed for Boyfriends IRL. Gaypornmovies categories: Twinks, Bareback.

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