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Grilling And Drilling



63 min.


Joey Rico, Rey Luis, Joey Rico, Elliot Blue


Grilling And Drilling gay porn movie download Guys In Sweatpants on gay On our final day in Palm Springs, it is 7 a.m. As a personal trainer who gets up at 7 am every day to work out. Joey maintains his schedule even when he is on vacation. Rey awakens to the alarm that Joey had set for himself whoops. And decides to go along with him since he’s already up. It’s time to take a shower together and take care of some morning wood after being all hot, sweaty, and eager. Rey drags Joey into the bedroom to get fucked stupid. After several blow jobs in the shower. Nothing like a solid morning exercise and some fuck to say “Grilling And Drilling.” Everyone was eager to go home and had packed up by the time they finished fucking.
We didn’t capture much film on the trip home since everyone was so tired from the long weekend that they slept almost the whole way back. But make sure to watch the entire video through to the finish to see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff! Elliott then demonstrated his abilities on the grill the previous evening. And the next morning, he demonstrated his abilities on Joey’s large cock. Elliott was quite excited to grab his Joey’s trousers once I informed him about them, so they got right to it. It’s okay that they fucked for the bulk of the video! Elliott completed the task of carrying Joey’s burden by riding it. Carrying it on his back, and doing it in a canine manner.
I’m simply happy that we were able to get this authentic, intense. And unfiltered fucking on film. Enjoy gay porn movies download Grilling And Drilling. Gayporn movies categories: Brazilian / Latin, Bathroom / Toilete, Sport Sex, Bareback.

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