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Bred & Breakfast The Come Inn



88 min.


Alpha Wolfe, Drew Valentino, Isaac X, Beau Butler, Colton Reece, Lucas Leon, Josh Moore, Reign


Bred & Breakfast The Come Inn NakedSword Newest Bukkake Gay Porn Movies HD Free. The Come Inn, a one-of-a-kind bareback B&B in Southern California. Provides tourists plenty of leisure and generous feasts that redefine the term “all you can eat.” The tiny resort is the top spot for guests. Who are hard to please – and delighted to be hard. It is owned and maintained by super-sexy, long-term pair Josh Moore and Beau Butler. Writer and director Ben Rush collaborates with co-director. Pierce Paris to present sizzling action starring eight of gay porn’s sexiest men. It’s always a wonderful time at Josh. Beau’s Bred & Breakfast: The Come Inn, where happy customers are eager to return.
Drew Valentino and Lucas Leon have just checked in for some rest and decompression. But the proprietors and clients have them so turned on that they get straight down to bareback business. Colton Reece and Isaac X, a new couple, arrive for their first weekend getaway. It’s not long before they’re going hard and raw at the pool. When lost and exhausted hikers Alpha Wolfe and Reign walk up without a reservation. Josh and Beau find it difficult to turn the huge visitors away. Josh is instantly attracted to Reign, and the attraction is mutual, so they dash off to have a steamy shower together. During a late-night talk with hosts Beau and Josh, Alpha pops some wood, and it’s not long before a bareback, threeway pile-up coats the living room sofa in cum.

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