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Czech Hunter 19



81 min.


Mario Jones, Rado Omar, Thomas Fiaty


Czech Hunter 19 Newest Gay Porn Movies Free HD. I couldn’t have chosen a worse time or location to go hunting. I went to a little town near Prague. But the weather turned against me before I there. It was completely deserted and sad. I turned on the camera to record some footage. To my amazement, I observed a tall and attractive man approaching me. When I approached him, it turns out he was in the mood for a short conversation. He traveled to Prague from Slovakia to hunt for work, and one of his interviews was held in this small village. He was sick of seeking for job and wanted to have a good time tonight.
Today I went shopping in a city market. I had to be cautious because the venue was busy. It took me a bit to get close to my first target. To my astonishment, he wasn’t there shopping, but rather on his way to work. Working on a Friday evening sounded like a bad idea to me. So I attempted to persuade him to do something more enjoyable. He worked at a musical instrument repair shop and didn’t make much money. We talked for a while, and it found out that he was recently engaged and already had a child.
When I approached Vasek, he was on his way home from school. He was intrigued by the prospect of conducting a brief interview in exchange for a few Crowns. The child was an architecture student with huge dreams; he wanted to go to college and become an engineer. We talked about his hobbies, and he had a lot of them. Surprisingly, he was a jiu-jitsu fan. I almost asked him to show me some moves Czech Hunter 19.

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