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Daddy Fuck



91 min.


Cesar Rossi, Dustin Steele, Jack Andy, Jacob Stax, John Galt, John Magnum, Mason Lear, Michael Stax, Scott DeMarco, Sean Duran


Daddy Fuck Gay Porn Movies HD. Mason Lear has gone to the doctor because he is experiencing groin pain. When Dr. Cesar Rossi arrives to examine him, he begins to feel about his crotch. Cesar begins sucking his cock in an attempt to relieve Mason’s stress. Michael and Jacob Stax are sitting in their jail cell with their probation officer. Sean Duran, discussing what will happen to them when they are released. They both owe money to the court, but neither has a job and are unsure. How they will pay their penalties when they are released.
They give their bodies to Sean, who obliges by pulling out their cocks. Sean doesn’t waste any time in going between these twins and swallowing their cocks. When John Magnum enters into the locker room, Dustin Steele is there. They start talking, and John begins flirting with Dustin. Dustin detects the flirtation and returns the game. When they both realize they are interested in one other, they begin kissing, and John goes to his knees and begins sucking Dustin’s enormous firm cock!
In their bedroom, Jack Andy and Scott DeMarco are staring at a portrait of Jon Galt. Scott has had a crush on this Daddy for a long time, and Jack is surprise him by inviting Jon over for some Daddy Fuck.

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